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I took this photo of my friend Bonnie last night, and thought that I should share, since she's wearing bits from my closet :)

the leopard print jacket she's lying on is by Motel.  the giant mink shawl was my grandmothers (love), and the fox fur neck wrap (underneath the mink) is from Express...many years ago...when they still had cute clothes.

shot with a polaroid sx-70 + artisticTZ film + flashbar

this makes me very happy


need that


more from my kelly osbourne obsession.  she's just so cute to me lately, I can't help it.  and she looks so happy.  but seriously, I would wear the shit out of that dress. 


current staples

I've been on the fritz lately, mostly due to being backed up with my photo editing and getting stuff together for a show, and a week long feature I have coming up.  :)  More on that later!  

Anyhow, within the past two months, I haven't been able to get enough of my ivory tights, and my favorite handbag purchase ever.  Well, maybe in a while anyway.  So here are some quick polaroids I took of my new bff's..

random ivory tights, found in my dresser.  score.

bag by michael kors

ps.  i'm also spending a lot of time over on tumblr.  if you guys are into that, we should totally be tumblr friends too.



(all photos by me)