oh me oh my, how the times fly by

Why yes it sure has been a while since I've done a shopping spree post on here.  But you know, sometimes it just gets too depressing looking at all of the pretty things I want to buy but cannot afford.  Lately I've put most of my money into getting some of my work printed out all fancy-like, in hopes of setting up an etsy shop soon and possibly trying to put on a show somewhere here in New York.  One of my favorite prints to date, which I had put on canvas and stretched to 40x20, is this shot from last summer, taken with my trusty Kowa Six while on an adventure on Long Island..

Now, moving on to more important things, SPRING IS COMING!  Well, I say that, but at this point I'm not sure if we New Yorkers will ever be blessed with such a thing.  The weather has been pure trash here lately, and I have to say I'm really over it and would much rather stay in bed for the rest of the duration.  Someone please just wake me up when it's over, preferrably with a bloody mary or mimosa in hand.  Thanks.

I would also prefer to wake up to a whole new wardrobe to grace the New York parks and beer gardens with.  A big hat would probably be fun too.  And some massive hippy shades. 

So without further ado, here are a few things I'm currently wishing would magically appear at my door step, from either a fashion fairy or a sugar daddy (an old one that I would never ever have to get remotely close to, only smile at from afar)

/ / /






ps:  all of the item descriptions i've put are links, just in case you feel like shopping or buying me a gift.  either is fine by me.


dark days

I feel like this year has flown/is flying by.  And while everyone and everything is moving on, I think fashion trends are a good mix of old and new, which I am really into. 

So without further ado, here are some of my wardrobe desires for the upcoming fall months in New York.  As usual, I'm a huge fan of black...and things I have no reason to buy and wear because I never do anything fancy enough....le sigh...

* * *


moving up up up

Well hello there!  I realize it's been quite a while, but I've been super busy, and super broke.  So the whole shopping thing has become more depressing than anything, but now (hopefully) I am back in action.

Now that I am living back in New York, I've had to acquire a (gasp!) real job. Yes yes, but it's actually not bad at all, and I'm looking forward to sprucing up my wardrobe a bit.  I'm referring to it not as business casual, but as business FIERCE! 

aaand off we go..

* * *

* * *

I think we're safe just starting there.  I still have to win the mega-millions...




So I've been out and about and traveling as much as possible lately.  I bought no souvenirs, but here are a ton of photos I took from a week long adventure in South Florida...


summer is here!

It was like this every day.  I do think this may be the prettiest place I've ever been.



the cut through 
(on polaroid fade to black)

(on expired polaroid blue)

how awesome is this thing?!  bummer it was apparently just being used for storage :/


these next few are something I did...because I thought it might be neat.  ha..


(all shot w/ a holga + expired agfa)



Doesn't the Epcot ball look especially epic?  yesssssss


my favorites:

riding on a boat at 7am almost every day
getting a little sun
and swimming multiple times a day

self portrait 
(polaroid spectra + expired 990)
((don't worry, I do have eyebrows))

I hope you all enjoyed my not-so-timely update.  More to come soon...


**all photos were shot on film, polaroid or medium format, and posted with little to no photoshop.  these photos were taken by me, and I do this because I love it, not because it's making me any money (because it isn't).  so please, be kind and don't steal my work.  if you would like to post something I've done on your own blog or website, just ask.  thank you :)