the frills

I will note that I am not a fan of the dress on that particular model's body type and skin tone, but I would wear the shit out of it...if I had something festive to attend.  

Also, I dream about those shoes at night.  So, so, sad.



I think this is amazing, and I must have it..


super sweet necklace is sweet

I love this thing.  thrifted for $3
holgaroid by me emil

old sweaters from express and the gap, silence+noise leggings

so I've just gotten back from a few photo taking vacations and extravaganzas, so I'm super swamped with scanning and such.  see yas soooon



in the 90's

I am very much in love with these clogs by Elizabeth & James.  They remind me of the woven belts I used to wear back in elementary school.  Just so happens, I just came across 2 of those belts while going through some old stuff at my grandmas. 

Sure would be nice to get these to match those belts....mmmmmm

photo via shopbop



I should never subscribe to email updates, it always ends up making me either depressed or broke.  Anyhow, heard there were some new pieces to check out, and considering I'm not working right now, I should probably fill my time with something pretty to look at.  

80's Jean Paul Gaultier convertible dress - $598

80's crochet belted sweater - $94

50's sheer black skirt - $88

vintage nude satin dress - $248

Michael Kors zippered pencil skirt - $210

80's Vivienne Tam ivory crinkled tunic w/ velvet trim - $278

Zimmerman blue ruffled swimsuit - $166

VPL black ruched skinny sweat pants - $114

/ / / / /

...and I would totally wear that amazing swimsuit with those sweatpants or some high-waisted jeans.  I WILL have that suit.

all photos & clothes are from VagabondNYC


spring staple

If we ever even get a spring...

I've just found the first thing that I definitely know I'm going to need for awesome weather nights.

So in love with this blazer!  I am however still on the hunt for the perfect comfy (but still hot) pants that aren't jeans.  Oooooh and some platform clogs, my jeffrey campbell woodies can't go at it alone.  suggestions?