I've have this itty bitty baby Zumi camera for a bit, but don't play with it much.  Wellllll since I've gone through my entire stock pile of polaroid film, and most of my 120 and 35mm, I figured why not..

(not my hand)

* * * 

minkpink acid wash leggins, topshop crop cami, F21 scarf

the sky was soooo nice that day

i'm a nerd

welcome to atlanta.  we kinda trashy.

kitty says byeeeeeeeee



I think my main reason for loving this camera, as I am usually not into 35mm, is because I enjoy saying it's name.  PRAKTICA!  Try saying it in different ways, it's a blast.  Anyhow..

...the first slides I've scanned on my own.  whewww for savin money & ruling at life.



way past the date

About a year ago I found this old disposable camera at my mom's house.  So I stole it.  About a week ago, I finally got it developed.  A good reminder of how awesome halloween was last year :)

I was French, obviously, but my favorite part about my outfit were the little black gloves that used to belong to my grandmother.  They're amazing.  


cute, bitch!

image via dlisted

It's Kelly Osbourne?!  Sorry, I can't help but love her, and especially in that little dress.  NEED IT!!!



photos with my holgaroid, by trent chau

these 2 are a little older.  when my boobs were much bigger.  ha.


apg night @ elliott st pub, atlanta

taken w/ my polaroid spectra by emil

* * *

It's odd having a camera on me, it's usually the other way around.  See, you can tell I don't know what I'm doing by the face being made in the last photo.   ::shakes head::



Does one really have to get married to wear one of these?  No?  Good.  Because I am obsessed with this thing, and have no interest in getting married any time soon.


move quickly now

via topshop & need supply co.

via Need Supply Co., Topshop.com, Nasty Gal, & Jeffrey Campbell

via Shopbop.com & Need Supply

~ also, is it wrong of me to love these?

wanted to post a few items i've been eyeing up lately.  gahhhhhhh kill me now!



ashish wedges, silence+noise leggings

busy busy busy.  and now it's time for a super quick cocktail.  I'll post photos from this weekend soonish.  fun times.



sad stuff in the news today.

RIP Alexander McQueen.


holy shhhhh

My obsession with new/spring shoes knows no limits.  Oh god.


ivory suede + zippers, i'm dying
Sam Edelman Quebec sandal


So disco-esqu, I HAVE to have them.  If only to make my mother proud.
Jessica Simpson Dany sandal

ugh, I really hope I sell some photos soon, my bank account is too pathetic for all of this excitement!




(tip: never pose sideways while wearing a caftan..unless you like looking like a gospel singer)


oh oh oh.  so as of late, I finally forced myself to dig through my massive pile of polaroids and scan in those that I had forgotten about. 

I've been in a mode this week, getting prints and plans ready for a photo show on Friday night.  Prints have finally been ordered, now I'm just planning out my outfit in my head, but should really be getting more sleep and exercise.  Although I figure, since I'm featured on the show flyer, I should have an exceptional outfit to go with my photos.

** for more info on the art show (in which 1/2 of all of my proceeds go to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund), go here **

and that's all I have for now, see you soon



oh really?

ridiculous bag - $1960

equally ridiculous bag - $ FREE
(blazer, Funktional; dress via shopnastygal.com; tights, DKNY; Ashish wedges)

bag photo source CyanaTrendLand


quite curious

WHY am I so into these new boots from Aldo?  They're really not my usual style at all, but for some reason, I'm feeling like I really need them.  Reaaaaaaaaaaallllllly need them.

and even better from the front..


However, I am inclined to think that they would be very cute when worn with a few items I just picked up from the new stock over at shopnastygal...

Well, I hear that the powerball has officially started in Georgia this week.  Maybe I should start playing that....and win my MEGAMILLIONS!!!


On another note, this week I've gotten in 3 packs of super expired Polaroid film, and am very excited that I get to leave Atlanta this weekend to test some of it out.  Emil and I will be in Bama visiting parents, and then going to the beach on Saturday for my papaw's 90th birthday party.  90 years old, blows my mind.  And he's still hilarious. 

So hopefully there will be lots of nice weather and super blue skies to use my magic film on.  I'll try and remember to get a shot of papaw too, he always looks so dapper. 

AND NOW, I will leave you with my favorite shot over the past week.  Taken with my polaroid ee-100 special & 669 film.  This was one of the first polaroid land cameras I bought, but have only used it once until recently.  Glad I dug it out from the back of the camera cabinet chaos..

see you august, see you june...