quite curious

WHY am I so into these new boots from Aldo?  They're really not my usual style at all, but for some reason, I'm feeling like I really need them.  Reaaaaaaaaaaallllllly need them.

and even better from the front..


However, I am inclined to think that they would be very cute when worn with a few items I just picked up from the new stock over at shopnastygal...

Well, I hear that the powerball has officially started in Georgia this week.  Maybe I should start playing that....and win my MEGAMILLIONS!!!


On another note, this week I've gotten in 3 packs of super expired Polaroid film, and am very excited that I get to leave Atlanta this weekend to test some of it out.  Emil and I will be in Bama visiting parents, and then going to the beach on Saturday for my papaw's 90th birthday party.  90 years old, blows my mind.  And he's still hilarious. 

So hopefully there will be lots of nice weather and super blue skies to use my magic film on.  I'll try and remember to get a shot of papaw too, he always looks so dapper. 

AND NOW, I will leave you with my favorite shot over the past week.  Taken with my polaroid ee-100 special & 669 film.  This was one of the first polaroid land cameras I bought, but have only used it once until recently.  Glad I dug it out from the back of the camera cabinet chaos..

see you august, see you june...



Marjorie said...

LOVE this post :)
that Holey Shirt is awesome :D
love the blog
stop by some time!

adrienne said...

thanks lady! :)