A Different Note

Well, this weekend wasn't all that fantastic. In fact, I think the entire week was a piece of shit.

That being said, today's list of items are things that I need in order to improve my life and current situation. Granted, some of these could assist in me eventually going to prison, but sometimes that seems like a small price to pay for a few minutes of absolute bliss.

This is to let people know that you are not fucking around. At all.

Rocket Truck

With this massive and horrifying Rocket Truck, I could run over anything (and anyone) in my way! I think if I could drive this around Atlanta for at least a week I could solve a lot of problems here.

Garmin Nuvi 250w - $222

Since my GPS was stolen out of my car (thanks Atlanta!), I'm going to need this one so that I can find my way to the bar. While driving my Rocket Truck.

Sorry, the list is short today. I am exhausted (thanks neighbors that were up "doing it" all night, and hollering about it.) Hopefully I'll get around to doing a real post later this evening.


Gettin Loud

I feel like Emil and I have a lot of colors in our loft, but I still probably wouldn't call it colorFUL. Since we have a bright teal and red kitchen, and a (almost highlighter) yellow sideboard, I feel like if we add any more colors our space will look like a McDonald's Playland. Nooooobody wants that. Especially those of us that aren't big fans of children, and would rather not be reminded of them.

That being said, I still lurk around looking at super bright and cheery things that make me wish I had an extra room to stuff them into. Here are some of my recent favorite finds. Some of them aren't too pricy either!

I have been obsessed with this print for a while now, and for $35, I may can find a place in my kitchen to squeeze it in. ;)

This thing is AWESOME, and a bit tacky, but in a good way. If I had a completely white living room or bedroom, it would already be mine.

I realllly love this chair, and think that this is one of the better furniture pieces that Urban Outfitters has had in a while. I think this would be awesome in a more traditional space, you know, to jazz things up a bit. Festive!

This phone is a bad ass. I do have to say, if I saw this in a retro/chic bachelor pad, I would probably stay for a few extra cocktails.

Oh GOD I want it!! Seriously. I would love this for my bedroom. I'm really into white/grey/orange color combos right now and this would be perfect. Come ooooonnnnn mega millions!

These birds are SO cute and, I think, could work with a lot of different styles. They also come in other colors, so click on the title for the website.

I think this large wall hanging from Marimekko speaks for itself. Pretty amazing.

Pick some favorites, click some links, and go shopping! Or browsing, Adrienne style.


It's a Classy Monday

Even though it's technically Tuesday now, I'm still counting it as Monday because I haven't been to sleep yet. 

So today I am obsessed with anything shiny, fancy, and/or expensive looking.  Ok, and/or tacky.  We all have our own tastes though..don't judge me!  

Anyhow, luckily for me, not all of these things are crazy expensive.  Which means I ordered one of them.  Whoooo and hooray!  Now to pick which one I want to beg for (but still not get)... 


We're All Broke And You Know It

Internet window shopping has recently become one of my favorite past-times.  You see, since I'm not really in a position to spend much of the money that I make, this is what I have resorted to.  

Ok, now you try.  

Go to an online store, add whatever your greedy heart desires to your shopping cart, and then leave the site.  I know it sounds pretty pathetic, but I swear it feels really close to actual money spending, and to me that is thrilling.  

Now, if you will, have a looksie at my latest wants/needs/must haves but will probably never gets.  I'll be nice and include the prices and links for everything, so that you can also lurk on your own, and hopefully together we can deal with the recession in the best way possible.  Pretend to spend.