A Different Note

Well, this weekend wasn't all that fantastic. In fact, I think the entire week was a piece of shit.

That being said, today's list of items are things that I need in order to improve my life and current situation. Granted, some of these could assist in me eventually going to prison, but sometimes that seems like a small price to pay for a few minutes of absolute bliss.

This is to let people know that you are not fucking around. At all.

Rocket Truck

With this massive and horrifying Rocket Truck, I could run over anything (and anyone) in my way! I think if I could drive this around Atlanta for at least a week I could solve a lot of problems here.

Garmin Nuvi 250w - $222

Since my GPS was stolen out of my car (thanks Atlanta!), I'm going to need this one so that I can find my way to the bar. While driving my Rocket Truck.

Sorry, the list is short today. I am exhausted (thanks neighbors that were up "doing it" all night, and hollering about it.) Hopefully I'll get around to doing a real post later this evening.

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