The Boudoir

I am SO into romantic bedrooms. Not tacky/cheese romantic, but subtle/classy romantic. I am actually in the midst of a small bedroom update myself, so I'm a little obsessed right now. Ok, possibly very obsessed...since my friends keep making the crazy face at me when I tell them I'm working on yet another project.

Anyhow, so (as usual) most of the things I want are a bit unattainable, but I'm still making do and have been able to find some awesome stuff with not-so-pricy tags. And finally today I will share these not-so-pricy finds with you, along with the pricy ones, because I am feeling nice. I'm sure everyone could use a little bedroom spruce up (or possibly a complete overhaul), so be sure to pay close attention.

I know wall decals can tend to be a bit much (not to mention overdone), but when it's used as a small focal point such as this, I think it's amazing. I also feel like anything having to do with nature in the bedroom is quite lovely, but that could just be me.

I am in love with this mirror and wish to have it as my own. Emil digs it too, so this is a good sign that maybe (possibly) it will be mine soon. I actually want to use this as a dresser mirror to add some fem to our room, but I'm pretty positive it would be awesome regardless of how it's used.

Anthropologie has the most amazing bedding of almost anyone I have found. Other good bedding sources to check out are also West Elm and Dwell Studio.

Antique Victorian Chairs - $500-$3000

Some chairs like these would be awesome to create a little sitting area in your bedroom (which I already have, but I feel everyone needs.) If you're lucky and really look around, you can find these for not such a bad price at an estate sale or antique shop. Start browsing the Sunday paper immediately!

A chandelier or a vintage hanging lantern is a functional and beautiful addition to a bedroom. However, not all of us can accomodate hanging lights (especially if you have 15 foot ceilings in your bedroom). So, here is your alternative. Shove this baby in between your antique victorian chairs, and you'll feel ultra classy when you come home waisted and need somewhere to sit while you struggle to take off your shoes.

I found photographer NNBB & Alf through an Atlanta flickr group and have been following his work ever since. The photos are totally inspiring and really beautiful. Well worth checking out.

Giant Flotaki Rug - $200-$600

It's pretty, it's soft, and it can completely change the mood of your bedroom.
I was fortunate enough to find a 5x8 on ebay for $150, which is a total steal, so with a little persistence and patience, you probably can too. However, if you have a little more money to spend, West Elm and Pottery Barn also have their own versions. :)

This amazing but ridiculously priced bed from Anthropologie is just here for example. I wouldn't want anyone to spend that amount of money on a bed frame. Unless it was like this and an actual antique. Anyhow, you get the idea. A bed can assist in making or breaking an awesome bedroom. I have a love for the canopy or four poster beds, so that would be my pick, but for less money you can buy or even make a lovely headboard (tufted velvet, anyone?) to spruce things up.

Oh, and just one last teeny, tiny, tip for the awesome, romantic, and calming bedroom: DO AWAY WITH YOUR fucking TV. I believe a television has no place in the bedroom, it makes it look cheap and Dothan-esque. But mainly, it makes me furious. DON'T DO IT.


Holly said...

LOL @ Dothan-esque!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Those purple chairs are to dieeee for!

jess s//

Hippie Frou Frou said...

found a Kroger with the GPS-I'm sure we could figure it out, hah, using that thing is going to be cheating so hard at getting around! yet we still get lost!!

xox.jess s//

b! said...

Holly stole the words right out of my mouth.