Ode to the Awesome & Ridiculous

As you may or may not have noticed, sometimes I lean a little towards the tacky/gaudy side when it comes to decorating and home furnishings. Or actually, when it comes to anything. So on that note, here are just a few of my favorite loud/huge/attention getting items for the home.

For when you needs lots of light. Obviously.
I also feel like this can multi-task as a weapon to piss off your neighbors across the street. Just aim and plug in.

Powder coated in a vibrant green, I am totally into this vintage serving tray. I feel like it would be really most appropriate for serving shots (and other goods) during a St. Patty's celebration. Pretty cheap too!

Considering you don't hate your job (like I do), I think these would be a fun addition to some office decor. As long as SOME people didn't actually try to leave work for you in them.

This gigantic print is slightly scary and funny at the same time, but mostly awesome. I also dig bananas, so that works too. Now I just need to find somewhere to put it!

Please take note that this is a LIFE SIZE horse. Yes, yes, and HELL YES. I wonder how horrified the kitties would be if I planted one of these in our bedroom...muahahahaha!
(Note to cats: No need to fret, I will never be able to afford this. Mainly because you are eating and shitting me out of house and home.)

This wallpaper by designer Marcel Wanders comes in several colors, but I think yellow is the best. Bright + Reflective = FABULOUS (or cheap, depends on how you look at it I guess)

As God as my witness, if I could afford to spend money on an extravagant axe, I would have an entire wall devoted to this collection. I would dare Emil to give me some lip about doing the laundry then..

Well, I believe that is all for today, but keep a look out for "Oh God I Want It: Fashion Edition!"

Now to drive for 45 minutes in a storm, fantastic! Maybe if I had my rocket truck..

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