In just a few weeks I'll be leaving town for a weekend in New York, visiting my sister and some old friends.  I miss my old neighborhood in Astoria (Queens) so I get really excited every time I get to go up, even if it is only for a few days.  While there I usually meet some friends down at The Sparrow for late drinks or brunch on Sunday, go visit some of the random/quirky stores that are scattered about, and then head into Manhattan at least a few times for a fabulous dining experience somewhere I've never been.

Soooo, you can probably imagine that I really love it when I have some new fun outfits to wear around town.  Here are a few pieces I've rounded up that I would LOVE to have for my little trip, and in a perfect world, they would all be mine, and due to my new and exciting clothes, I would have the best New York trip ever.

* * * * * *

Festival Sweat Tee: Topshop,  Wide Metal Cuff: Forever21,  High Waisted Basque Skinny Jean: Topshop,  Strike Platforms: Topshop

* * * * * *

Le sigh.  I sure would love all of those things.  In other news, I've been laid up in the bed literally all day, not feeling so hot.  But I will have some photos that I took this weekend up hopefully in a few days.  Apparently my big canon is too fancy to have a timer on it, so for the moment I still have to take all of my photos via mirror.  Oh well oh well.

Hope everyone is fairing ok in this yuck weather.


ps.  check out my new jams of the week.  it's the new Mew album, and it is amazing.


let's do it

one day, I will clean my room..

As in, HOUSE CLEANIN! My place has been a total wreck..for pretty much a month now. As you can see, as in example #1 & #2 above. It's been too crazy lately to get much done! :)

So, that is my weekend. Sounds thrilling right?! Hope everyone else is doing something awesome, or equally gratifying I suppose. Also...

Two food lessons learned this weekend:
1. mustard is a terrible substitute for mayo
2. garlic salt makes everything better




Yesterday, I did not want to get out of bed. At all. I'm sure I wasn't the only one in Atlanta feeling this though, as it was quite ugly out and drizzly all day. Blech. All I could think about when I was at work was coming home to do absolutely nothing. So other than a few house chores, I spent the night on the sofa, and it was grand. I did manage to take some photos though, gotta document those good times..

* * * * * *

I had a magnificent surprise waiting at the door for me when I got home, so I had to put them on for a photo. They are BEAUTIFUL and my new #1 lovers. Although my toes do go numb after a few minutes, they're totally worth it ;)

Windsor baby was being especially sweet and looking rather lovely curled up on my favorite books, Justine by the Marquis de Sade, and two Giger art books. He's rather fancy, you see. AND have I ever mentioned that we have the same birthday? We are obviously meant to be.


I then headed over to Nasty Gal to browse through their new items and found a few jewels...

I HAD to have this. I got the M/L, so hopefully it'll be baggy and awesome. Cannot wait for it!

I also purchased this ring, as it was fairly cheap and pretty festive! I've worn the same few rings for so many years, I guess it's time to start adding a few more to the mix.

I reallllllly wanted this, but I'd like it to be a little baggy and all of the mediums were sold out. sad bunny :(

Yes, more fierce boots that I desperately want, but have yet to purchase. They are actually priced so well that I can have them, but they're all sold out at the time, so I'll check back soon. I'm already planning out my outfits for these, is that sad?


aaaaand then, I decided to finish off my night with a little delivery sushi from Aloha, @ about 10pm. I know, this sounds somewhat sketchy. and it was. hence the one roll that looks all wonky. the big roll was kinda pretty though, but for the most part everything was tasteless, so I gave it to cat. he didn't eat it either :/

* * * * * *

So tonight, I think I'll be putting on some rain friendly clothes (being some shorts, a cami, baggy cardigan, & sam edelman zoe boots), and stopping by my beloved Elliott St. Pub for a delicious grilled cheese. I love a grilled cheese. and it's cheap! then, headin home early to listen to some new records with cat. the new Kid Cudi and Mew should be at my doorstep upon my arrival home, and I cannot wait! :D

My weekend seems to be shaping up into a whirlwind of craziness, so I'll be back sooooon. Hope everyone has a lovely evening and rest of the week!

xoxo ~ Adrienne



I don't know what it is, I've really never been like this, but for some reason I cannot seem to get enough pairs of BOOTS. I mean I am reallllly living for them! It's getting pretty pathetic and constantly draining my bank account! So here are some of my currents lusts. I'll start with the best...

I swear to you, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these on the saks website. They are the MOST FIERCE. UGH! Christian Louboutin, you are killing me.

For some reason I picture these on Victoria Beckham, which of course makes me automatically want them. I secretly live for her.

I really am trying to veer away from so many black shoes and boots, see?

These are the perfect over the knee boots for me. Not too dressy, not too casual, just bad ass. Yes please!

More non-black boots, hooray! and I really love these.

Candela Over the Knee Boots - $430

These happen to be my current favorites, I'm guessing, as I have been staring at them on the UO website almost every day. So sad. They are magnificent and calling my name.

Aldo Guadagnolo - $250
I love Aldo shoes, so I had to throw these in there. Kinda plain but still awesome and perfect for those leather shorts that I also desperately neeeeed.

* * * * * *

Wish me luck on finding a wad of cash to buy all of these with! Whooooo! Also, I'm working on rigging up my tripod, since I just got my canon back, so I can take some pictures of my outifts when I need to. I think it's time to get a little more personal on here. ;)



I've talked about my loft before and how much I love it, so I thought now would be a good time to share a few photos of it with you. It's a constant work in progress, hence why you only get a "few" photos. I'll be working on it a lot though in the next month or so and I totally plan to photo document everything, so then you all can see more of my favorite place.

* * * * * *

there are only 12 units in our building, which is in a historic area and was built in the early 1900's, then converted into lofts in 93. I'm glad we got an even number.

I have a particular fondness for this nightlight because I remember it being around since I was little. and because it's awesome.

this is our ceiling. all original wood, but the 2 skylights are what make me happy. one is directly above our bed. I get so excited when I can lay there and see the moon sometimes. we also never have to turn on a light until about 8pm, hoooooray for lower electricity bills!

I hung these curtains recently (which are really just cheap sheets from walmart but look awesome) with some thick wire and cafe clips, so we can open and close them at our will. and now I can sleep at night without feeling like I'm being stalked by a random that lives in the building across the street.

those are lights that wrap around and go down the spiral staircase from our bedroom to the living room. which I forgot to turn on before I took this. whoops! the furry rug is from ikea and helps to avoid that first cold step on the metal stairs first thing in the morning.

I scored really hard getting this black wire deer head from Z. Gallerie. it was the only one they had and I'm guessing it was on sale because it was the display, but I got him for only $60! he now lives above my bed, and I love him.

I have 2 of these antique chairs that came from my grandmother's house when she passed away. I LOVE them, as does cat, but have been thinking about getting them recovered in maybe a pale blue velvet. we'll see..

I have painted every single wall in this place, which was not an easy feat, mind you. anyhow, this particular wall is my favorite. it's the back wall in our bedroom and the color is Black Fox from Sherwin Williams. It's a lovely dark grey, and I've painted the 2 doors on this wall black to match the stairs over there that go up to the 3rd floor loft. definitely the best color choice I've made. the clock was an ebay find for $20! well worth it.

this is just a bit of my jewelry. my dad gave me the porcelain hand, which I am so in love with, and I got a vase for $2 at the salvation army, which is what my bracelets are stacked on. I'll take more pictures of this dresser and the rest of my bedroom furniture later. It used to be my mothers when she was little and I painted it all glossy black earlier this year, pretty fancy.

welcome to my nightstand. the candleholder is a family hand-me-down (which I spraypainted white), vintage dude back there is an etsy find, and my little sweet potato man there I've had since I was super tiny. I still think he's so cute and cannot force myself to get rid of him. I know, it is sad.

emil put these little decals on the wall in our bedroom, I like them

* * * * * *

that is all I have for now. I'm glad I finally posted some of these though, I've been collecting and talking about it for a while. now, on the agenda for today, polapremium.com has a small stock of 150 packs of black and white (665) type 100 film going on sale at 12. I know I'm so nerdy for it, but I've been sitting here watching the clock since 10, waiting. That film is really amazing and you never find it, so I have to jump on it. and then for lunch, ethiopian food with some ladies from work! apparently this is their new years, so this is how we will celebrate.

cheers to new adventures!

xo - Adrienne

ps. check out my new jamzzzz of the week over there in the sidebar. if you click on the album photo you can hear/see my favorite song off of the album. :)


Lady / Maniture

I always loved going to my Grandma Kitty's house in Florida because she had the most awesome table ever in one of her guest rooms. I, of course, usually wan't allowed to stay in that specific room because it was the more fancy, grown-up room, but every now and then she'd let up. Anyhow, she had this magnificent glass top table, and the large glass piece was held up by a naked golden man sitting on his knees. It was brilliant, and the fact that I loved something like that at such a young age cracks me up. I obviously enherited my taste for fancy things from her, because no one else in the family really cared for it.

When Grandma Kitty passed away a few years ago, and my dad remembered how much I loved that table, but unfortunately I have absolutely nowhere to put it, so I had to pass. Well, it seems like Kitty and I are not the only ones that enjoy people shaped furniture, because I feel like I've been seeing a lot of it lately. Every time I see one of these pieces, I automatically think of her, and how she would probably be totally into it. As long as it was classy, of course.

So here are a couple of pieces of lady/maniture (as I'm going to call it) that I've gathered up for you...because of course, I can't find pictures of these things when I actually want to use them.

via Apartment Therapy

via contexts.org

Bed by Dominic Wilcox

I'm pretty sure that most people hate the boob storage in the first photo. Me personally, well, I would be more than happy to place one in my home. Obviously the lady though. Naked guys...eh, not so pretty. Ok, well I'm in a bit of a rush today, so I apologize for things being a little short. My boyfriend leaves for tour (for a month) in just a few days and we're having 1 last carefree/fun night while we can. Talk to you all soon!




Dear Anna Sui, I'm moving in.

I think I've found my decorating soul mate...

My favorite thing in this room is the taxidermy peacock from Evolution Store. I could totally find somewhere to put one of those in my house. Oh, and I'm loving that everything is glossy black. (hint hint, like my bedroom) at least I know I did something right.

To see wallpaper by Cole & Son that isn't the Woods pattern is refreshing, although, the Woods will still probably be my alltime favorite.

YES PLEASE. I NEEEEEEEED this dressing room. All of those bags wouldn't hurt either.

* * * * *

Le sigh. How fantastic is that place?! I'm loving how much black she uses and the fact that there is wallpaper everywhere. I would kill to be able to put up wallpaper in my place, however, I would not be into taking it down when/if we move. No maam, no thank you.

If you'd like, you can find the original article in Elle Decor here
Enjoy the rest of your day! I'll be here, sitting in my cube, being bitter at life. Until 5PM anyway..

in action

I just wanted to pop in before the week turned crazy and share these photos. Emil and I will be heading to Lake Eufaula on Friday to spend the weekend with my mom and all of her 10,000 animals, so I won't really be around until later next week. However, she does have an awesome lake place that I've been dying to take pictures of, so I'll be doing that for a post later on. My mom has the most amazing collection of vintage treasures, so much fun.

Oh, so I almost forgot, the photos up up up there are from some adventures last week. So obviously the Sam Edelman boots I mentioned a few posts ago came in, and I am LIVING for them right now, so I modeled them for my Polaroid Spectra. God I really love those boots. and that camera. really. aaaaand then there's friend Jess and I at Elliott St Pub last week for photo night. I wore my new low back silence & noise dress with a grey vintage belt and the sam edelman boots. I thought it was fun!

ok, now I'm out. talk to everyone soon, have a great holiday weekend!