In just a few weeks I'll be leaving town for a weekend in New York, visiting my sister and some old friends.  I miss my old neighborhood in Astoria (Queens) so I get really excited every time I get to go up, even if it is only for a few days.  While there I usually meet some friends down at The Sparrow for late drinks or brunch on Sunday, go visit some of the random/quirky stores that are scattered about, and then head into Manhattan at least a few times for a fabulous dining experience somewhere I've never been.

Soooo, you can probably imagine that I really love it when I have some new fun outfits to wear around town.  Here are a few pieces I've rounded up that I would LOVE to have for my little trip, and in a perfect world, they would all be mine, and due to my new and exciting clothes, I would have the best New York trip ever.

* * * * * *

Festival Sweat Tee: Topshop,  Wide Metal Cuff: Forever21,  High Waisted Basque Skinny Jean: Topshop,  Strike Platforms: Topshop

* * * * * *

Le sigh.  I sure would love all of those things.  In other news, I've been laid up in the bed literally all day, not feeling so hot.  But I will have some photos that I took this weekend up hopefully in a few days.  Apparently my big canon is too fancy to have a timer on it, so for the moment I still have to take all of my photos via mirror.  Oh well oh well.

Hope everyone is fairing ok in this yuck weather.


ps.  check out my new jams of the week.  it's the new Mew album, and it is amazing.


Ash Fox said...

have fun on your vacation! i love all of your outfit picks, especially the leotard.



Flashes of Style said...

Looove the leotard :) Have fun!

jen said...

look #1 - already taking notes - v fun!


adrienne said...

thanks ladies! and yes, I reallllllly need that leotard thingy from Anthropologie. very badly!

Fashion Chalet said...

Givenchy booties, Topshop platforms =) yeahhhh love them!

THANKS for your comments!!

Love the profile photo of your shoes, too. :)


gaby said...

i just love that topshop tee and thanks for that suggestion for uo and such but there fit is just off, love the blog!

Clara said...

gorgeous pieces!
i love all.


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Ooo those are brilliant outfits! I hope you get a least a few of your goodies before your trip (i love that festival tee from top shop- just when i thought i was over festival tees). Hope you have a lovely trip!

Yuka said...

i love the shoes and gold purse in the first set of photos!

Lauren said...

I'm so into leotards right now. I just bought three, one of which is completely see-through. I wear my black one all the time, though. It's pretty much a necessary staple in my wardrobe, I don't know what I'd do without it.

X Lauren


Caroline Robianto said...

have fun!!!!!!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

that festival top is awesome, going over to topshop now! hehe, love the looks you put together too

jess s//

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Love those shoes!!