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I always loved going to my Grandma Kitty's house in Florida because she had the most awesome table ever in one of her guest rooms. I, of course, usually wan't allowed to stay in that specific room because it was the more fancy, grown-up room, but every now and then she'd let up. Anyhow, she had this magnificent glass top table, and the large glass piece was held up by a naked golden man sitting on his knees. It was brilliant, and the fact that I loved something like that at such a young age cracks me up. I obviously enherited my taste for fancy things from her, because no one else in the family really cared for it.

When Grandma Kitty passed away a few years ago, and my dad remembered how much I loved that table, but unfortunately I have absolutely nowhere to put it, so I had to pass. Well, it seems like Kitty and I are not the only ones that enjoy people shaped furniture, because I feel like I've been seeing a lot of it lately. Every time I see one of these pieces, I automatically think of her, and how she would probably be totally into it. As long as it was classy, of course.

So here are a couple of pieces of lady/maniture (as I'm going to call it) that I've gathered up for you...because of course, I can't find pictures of these things when I actually want to use them.

via Apartment Therapy

via contexts.org

Bed by Dominic Wilcox

I'm pretty sure that most people hate the boob storage in the first photo. Me personally, well, I would be more than happy to place one in my home. Obviously the lady though. Naked guys...eh, not so pretty. Ok, well I'm in a bit of a rush today, so I apologize for things being a little short. My boyfriend leaves for tour (for a month) in just a few days and we're having 1 last carefree/fun night while we can. Talk to you all soon!



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Natalie said...

omg so cool! i love crazy wooden furniture and sculptures, my absolute favorite. have lots in my house :)