Dear Anna Sui, I'm moving in.

I think I've found my decorating soul mate...

My favorite thing in this room is the taxidermy peacock from Evolution Store. I could totally find somewhere to put one of those in my house. Oh, and I'm loving that everything is glossy black. (hint hint, like my bedroom) at least I know I did something right.

To see wallpaper by Cole & Son that isn't the Woods pattern is refreshing, although, the Woods will still probably be my alltime favorite.

YES PLEASE. I NEEEEEEEED this dressing room. All of those bags wouldn't hurt either.

* * * * *

Le sigh. How fantastic is that place?! I'm loving how much black she uses and the fact that there is wallpaper everywhere. I would kill to be able to put up wallpaper in my place, however, I would not be into taking it down when/if we move. No maam, no thank you.

If you'd like, you can find the original article in Elle Decor here
Enjoy the rest of your day! I'll be here, sitting in my cube, being bitter at life. Until 5PM anyway..


Holly said...

FYI, Anna Sui for Target starts September 13th.

Natalie said...

wow, very good decorating. so chic!! want my house to look more like that :) and that dressing room is to die for!!



Lauren said...

THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you for posting it!

You should check out this Muirfield Bench I posted (http://www.indecoroustaste.com/2009/09/yes.html), you'd probably like it- it very much fits the aesthetic of Sui's place.

X Lauren