I've talked about my loft before and how much I love it, so I thought now would be a good time to share a few photos of it with you. It's a constant work in progress, hence why you only get a "few" photos. I'll be working on it a lot though in the next month or so and I totally plan to photo document everything, so then you all can see more of my favorite place.

* * * * * *

there are only 12 units in our building, which is in a historic area and was built in the early 1900's, then converted into lofts in 93. I'm glad we got an even number.

I have a particular fondness for this nightlight because I remember it being around since I was little. and because it's awesome.

this is our ceiling. all original wood, but the 2 skylights are what make me happy. one is directly above our bed. I get so excited when I can lay there and see the moon sometimes. we also never have to turn on a light until about 8pm, hoooooray for lower electricity bills!

I hung these curtains recently (which are really just cheap sheets from walmart but look awesome) with some thick wire and cafe clips, so we can open and close them at our will. and now I can sleep at night without feeling like I'm being stalked by a random that lives in the building across the street.

those are lights that wrap around and go down the spiral staircase from our bedroom to the living room. which I forgot to turn on before I took this. whoops! the furry rug is from ikea and helps to avoid that first cold step on the metal stairs first thing in the morning.

I scored really hard getting this black wire deer head from Z. Gallerie. it was the only one they had and I'm guessing it was on sale because it was the display, but I got him for only $60! he now lives above my bed, and I love him.

I have 2 of these antique chairs that came from my grandmother's house when she passed away. I LOVE them, as does cat, but have been thinking about getting them recovered in maybe a pale blue velvet. we'll see..

I have painted every single wall in this place, which was not an easy feat, mind you. anyhow, this particular wall is my favorite. it's the back wall in our bedroom and the color is Black Fox from Sherwin Williams. It's a lovely dark grey, and I've painted the 2 doors on this wall black to match the stairs over there that go up to the 3rd floor loft. definitely the best color choice I've made. the clock was an ebay find for $20! well worth it.

this is just a bit of my jewelry. my dad gave me the porcelain hand, which I am so in love with, and I got a vase for $2 at the salvation army, which is what my bracelets are stacked on. I'll take more pictures of this dresser and the rest of my bedroom furniture later. It used to be my mothers when she was little and I painted it all glossy black earlier this year, pretty fancy.

welcome to my nightstand. the candleholder is a family hand-me-down (which I spraypainted white), vintage dude back there is an etsy find, and my little sweet potato man there I've had since I was super tiny. I still think he's so cute and cannot force myself to get rid of him. I know, it is sad.

emil put these little decals on the wall in our bedroom, I like them

* * * * * *

that is all I have for now. I'm glad I finally posted some of these though, I've been collecting and talking about it for a while. now, on the agenda for today, polapremium.com has a small stock of 150 packs of black and white (665) type 100 film going on sale at 12. I know I'm so nerdy for it, but I've been sitting here watching the clock since 10, waiting. That film is really amazing and you never find it, so I have to jump on it. and then for lunch, ethiopian food with some ladies from work! apparently this is their new years, so this is how we will celebrate.

cheers to new adventures!

xo - Adrienne

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Natalie said...

cool apartment! i love the way you drape your jewelry and that night light is SO CUTE! :)



AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Ooo your loft looks awesome! It looks like it came straight from a Dwell mag (our current favorite interior design mag since Domino shut its doors). Gorgeous sense of design and style too! Can't wait to see more pics!

adrienne said...


Lovely L said...

I love it! Where did your dad get the "hand" from?