Gettin Loud

I feel like Emil and I have a lot of colors in our loft, but I still probably wouldn't call it colorFUL. Since we have a bright teal and red kitchen, and a (almost highlighter) yellow sideboard, I feel like if we add any more colors our space will look like a McDonald's Playland. Nooooobody wants that. Especially those of us that aren't big fans of children, and would rather not be reminded of them.

That being said, I still lurk around looking at super bright and cheery things that make me wish I had an extra room to stuff them into. Here are some of my recent favorite finds. Some of them aren't too pricy either!

I have been obsessed with this print for a while now, and for $35, I may can find a place in my kitchen to squeeze it in. ;)

This thing is AWESOME, and a bit tacky, but in a good way. If I had a completely white living room or bedroom, it would already be mine.

I realllly love this chair, and think that this is one of the better furniture pieces that Urban Outfitters has had in a while. I think this would be awesome in a more traditional space, you know, to jazz things up a bit. Festive!

This phone is a bad ass. I do have to say, if I saw this in a retro/chic bachelor pad, I would probably stay for a few extra cocktails.

Oh GOD I want it!! Seriously. I would love this for my bedroom. I'm really into white/grey/orange color combos right now and this would be perfect. Come ooooonnnnn mega millions!

These birds are SO cute and, I think, could work with a lot of different styles. They also come in other colors, so click on the title for the website.

I think this large wall hanging from Marimekko speaks for itself. Pretty amazing.

Pick some favorites, click some links, and go shopping! Or browsing, Adrienne style.

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