moving up up up

Well hello there!  I realize it's been quite a while, but I've been super busy, and super broke.  So the whole shopping thing has become more depressing than anything, but now (hopefully) I am back in action.

Now that I am living back in New York, I've had to acquire a (gasp!) real job. Yes yes, but it's actually not bad at all, and I'm looking forward to sprucing up my wardrobe a bit.  I'm referring to it not as business casual, but as business FIERCE! 

aaand off we go..

* * *

* * *

I think we're safe just starting there.  I still have to win the mega-millions...



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Ava said...

Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.

adrienne said...

thanks all for your comments :)

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