Dear Topshop...

Well, you have succeeded in devastating me to the full extent.

While browsing your online store today, looking for items to post in my upcoming Fashion Edition blog entry, I stumbled upon THE most amazing shoes I have ever laid eyes on. I want these shoes more than I have ever wanted any pair of shoes in my entire life (well maybe), and you, with your separate UK and US sites, you took my dream of having the most bitchin' shoes ever and you flushed it straight down the toilet. For these lovelies are not available on the US site, and now I feel like you've just reached straight out of my computer screen and punched me in the throat. How dare you only allow your fellow UK's access to such badassness and fabulousity?!!!

For that, I now hate you. How will I ever get over these shoes? I feel like I've just died a little inside.

And now, BEHOLD..

The Astro Sporty Boot - $150



Hippie Frou Frou said...

wow, these babies are sky high! you would totally rock out in these, i can see it now. . sorry your dreams have been crushed :(

ps//a thrift outing is def a must, but at the moment i'm so broke i've reached the (-). perhaps next week.

jess s//

adrienne said...

well now I'm broke again too, b/c I actually DID find some shoes that are more badass than the topshop ones. whoops!