Lady of the Night

I've always been a big fan of anything and everything black, it just looks good on me. But lately I've been obsessed. I think the last 5 pairs of shoes I've bought have been black, the last 3 skirts, also black, hair color for the past few years, yep that's black too. So to continue with my new and my favorite color trend ever, here are a few of my favorite pieces found while browsing the net...

Aldo Sebo Boots - $110

* * * * * *

Oh my, I would love any/all of these items. But alas, I am poor, as usual. I despise the 1st of the month...and rent. Speaking of, mine is about to go up $200 a month, which is pretty lame, but I suppose our place is worth it. No more clothes and fun shoes for a while :(
Now on a happy note, I'm off to go get ready for the Depeche Mode concert here in Atlanta tonight. I got Emil and I some last minute tickets on stubhub and we have KILLER seats. whoooohoooo! I cannot wait. This will be our second time seeing DM and I'm hoping Dave looks just as fierce as usual.
Have a lovely evening!
xo - Adrienne

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Hippie Frou Frou said...

those carrot trousers are awesome, wanted try and pull the style off for a while now, haven't found the perfect pair yet.

jess s///