Fade to Black

I figured this little project deserved an entire post just to itself.

PolaPremium recently released some film for the Polaroid SX-70 that's never been seen before, called Fade to Black.  Of course being the massive nerd that I am, I ordered a pack of it immediately because it is also very limited.  Until yesterday, it had been chillin (literally, har har har) in my fridge for almost a month, so I decided to quit waiting for something exceptional to come along and just try it out while the light was nice.

and here you have it..


I took this photo of myself in our living room because it happened to be the right moment for it.  Then I scanned it 20 times during a 12 hour period in order to catch a lot of the color changes, because after 24 hours of taking the photo, it turns completely black. 

amazing right?!  I swear I am completely obsessed with this film and think it's the most beautiful thing ever.  I've already ordered 2 more packs to play with in the coming months. 

In other news, I took a recent trip to New York and took lots of fun photos, so I'll be sure to post those real soon.  I've been so busy lately I can hardly think or remember to eat. 

* * *

Exciting happenings this week:
Tonight, 12/7 = shooting photos for an album booklet, with the help of photo genius Matt Odom
Friday, 12/11 = push pin photography show @ Tilt Coffee Shop in Castleberry Hill, Atlanta

see you all soon :)


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