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Sooooo I posted some photos from the Burlesque Camera Club shoot a few weeks ago, but I just recently got back the film shots that I did from that night, and I am in love.  For these black and whites I used my 1950something Ciro-Flex TLR.  This camera is fully manual, which can be horrifying, but is really fun for the most part.  I was worried about it being too dark for these to turn out, but I am actually really thrilled with the results.  Anyhow, have a looksie for yourself, and please, let me know what you think  :)

Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret

Miss Melissa Coffey

ahhhhhh yes, the magic of film!  I'm so nerdy about my love for old cameras and film, it's beginning to border on obsession.  whatever though. 

* * *

moving on, this past weekend in Atlanta was pretty amazing.  there was an art stroll in our little neighborhood, Castleberry Hill, and I had several pieces of work hanging down at one of the gallerys at a Push Pin show.  I've never put up prints for sale before, nor have I had any sort of public viewing for my photos, so needless to say, I was nerrrrrrvous.  Well, lucky night for me, I ended up selling 4 out of 7 prints, and won the title of Best in Show!  I was totally stunned that my photo was chosen out of 212 hanging in the gallery.  I also had a ton of friends show up, and it felt amazing to see that I have so much support in our little community <3

here is the photo that won, taken last year on a vacation with friends to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA

* * *

photos from the Push Pin show @ Big House Gallery - Granite Room

hanging my prints, photo by HamWithCam

this was right after they told me I'd won, hence the awkward/surprised stance..

w/ Jess after she was awesome enough to buy one of my prints

(last 2 photos stolen from Jess)

You know, it is unfortunate that it's too dark to see my outfit very much in these photos.  I was pretty proud of it too, because it was bangin!  However, I would like to mention that the white top, which is a bodysuit featuring a FIERCE tiger face, is from Forever21 and is probably my most favorite thing I've ever purchased from them.  The material is thick so it's not see through, and it fits perfect!  I love love love this thing.  The plaid shorts were also from Forever21 and are great as well.  ...and just when I thought I was over this store, they pull me back in.  ugh! 

So I'm out for now, to anxiously await the arrival of some new Polaroid film to test out in my SX-70.  I'm planning a couple of awesome weekend activities and adventures that will surely produce some amazing photos, so please come back! 


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