holidaaaaaaaay, celebraaaaaaaate

I swear that song is still fantastic!  I mean it really doesn't get any better than 80's Madonna.  You know, before she lost her mind.  Anyhow!  I wish I could find some festive holiday parties and whatnot to attend, because all I'm interested in lately are party clothes.  Fall/winter wear has always been my favorite, but when you throw some sequins on it, I really start to flip out.  I know, it's pretty pathetic.  So without further ado, here are some of my favorite pieces floating around the internet right now. 


                                          Satin Bow Heel - $98                                            

I know this isn't all fancy and holiday party-like, but I just realllly reallly want it!


yes, I still want these...I'm pretty sure I think about them every day at this point.

* * * * * *

aaaand that is all I have for you for now!  Although I would like to mention that I could also use a fatty curling iron and some hair color, as I am really feeling the need to do something different with my hair.  I also need some new black leggings because mine are looking really sad at this point.

Anyway, I will now be in mourning for the rest of the day after seeing that topshop has those Ashish wedges back in stock.  Tears!!  So now I'm off to find myself an 80 year old husband that will leave me tons of money so that I can purchase all of these things..


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Hippie Frou Frou said...

oh la la, lovely stuff!

diggin that 'buck' sweater dress deal, ha

jess s//