Old New York

Oh haaaaaaaay!

I'm still super busy being nerdy and taking tons of photos and researching which cameras I'd like to buy, however, I did manage to jet up to New York for the Thanksgiving holiday for a little break.  My mother and I stayed with my sister and co. for almost a week, and while it was awesome to get away, I sure am excited to be back in Atlanta.  

So we started off our holiday with a quick visit to Little Italy and Chinatown, until I had to make a run for it because Chinatown smells terrible, and I came close to getting sick more than once.  All of that fish just sitting out...ugh.  So after that, my mom forced me to Times Square so she could find some New York themed gifts for her friends at work.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I cannot stand Times Square.  I used to live in NY, I am not a tourist, therefore I have no desire or patience to deal with all of the people that lurk around there.  We did however manage to snap a few quick photos before I got too bitter...

(photo via Polaroid Spectra w/ expired 990 film)

jeans: thrifted Miss Sixty, bag: oooold Express, leather jacket: vintage, sequin top: Nasty Gal, glasses: UO

I loved these shiny mosaic horseys, found at the 5th Ave. subway stop

I find this really horrifying, more so in person..

* * * 
Meanwhile, back in Queens...

I noticed this old church in Astoria, Queens while taking a walk around with my mom.  It's near my old apartment off of 31st Ave, but I never really took the time to notice it before.  and although you can't quite see all of the details because of the overexposure, I love the way the way my Spectra captured it.  

view from my sister's kitchen window in Astoria, on Thanksgiving Day

* * *

We also had time to fit in several touristy adventures, since my mom lives for that sort of thing...

Calvary Cemetary in Queens

I know it may seem a bit morbid, but this place really was quite lovely once you get out and walk around all of the thousands of graves that must be there.  I think it may be the largest cemetary in the US, and is really mindblowing.  (photo is a triple exposure done w/ my vintage ciro-flex and expired konica film)

Wintuk girl in Times Square

this girl...was crazy.  we actually went and saw the show that night though, and it was amazing.  it was my first Cirque du Soliel experience and I was LIVING FOR IT!  (taken w/ the ciro-flex & ilford xp2 super)

JUMP!  for really obnoxious advertising.  yikes.

times square, via ciro-flex & ilford xp2 super

Madison Square Frenzy

I managed to grab a double exposure w/ my ciro-flex of everything that was going on in Madison Square Garden, while we were waiting for Wintuk to start


this was the second day we were there.  I was so excited to go outside with my camera, and then here comes the mist and fog.  oh well..

* * *

Wow!  I can't believe I finally got around to posting more consistently.  I'm trying to get better, really.  :)

So I've put together some really fun outfits lately and would love to show everyone, so this evening (after I color my faded roots), I will attempt to set up my Polaroid on a tripod and make something happen.  Wish me luck!


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Hippie Frou Frou said...

great photos, love the view from your sis's apartment-way cool!