I never, ever wear pink.  It's just not my color.  However, I got a last minute invite to a party this past weekend and needed something festive to wear.  So to avoid the usual Adrienne outfit of all black or various shades of gray, I went on the hunt for something that was still "me", but a bit brighter and a tad more festive. 

Dress: via Nasty Gal , Bad ass snake bracelet, also Nasty Gal

and to keep warm since it was, oh, 30+ degrees out, I wore this fantastic power shoulder blazer by Funktional

* * *

I am trying to get better with the outift photos.  It's really like pulling teeth to get my boyfriend to take them though!  But, you get the idea. 

Happy Holidays to everyone!  See ya soon!



Annie Spandex said...

Oh wow, I thought that bracelet might be real for a sec!! I wear a lot of gray too. Love the dress!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

sooooo badass!

and you look so good in color, can't go wrong with nastygal either. also if you ever need an outfit photog. i'd be glad to help :)) i know how the bfs can be w/that-although dp is surprisingly into it-just doens't always take the most flattering pics (haha, you've witnessed!)

jess s//

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Ooo I love your photos, A! Definitely twist your bf's arm more- you look awesome and so do his photographs!
I looove that snake bracelet. I had no idea it was so huge (on the nasty gal site it looked teeny to moi).
I hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful holiday!

Ash Fox said...

That snake bracelet is beyond words. Hope you had a lovely holiday.


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hope you enjoy it!!

smarty said...

your snake bracelet rock!